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Article: Holi 2023: Tips & Tricks To Take Care Of Your Skin and Hair

Holi 2023: Tips & Tricks To Take Care Of Your Skin and Hair

Holi 2023: Tips & Tricks To Take Care Of Your Skin and Hair

Holi is one of the most loved, fun and vibrant festivals observed in India. While it was celebrated with organic colors and buckets of water, now it's become a commercialized celebration with a market for synthetic chemical-laden colors.

You can love playing Holi or you can hate it, but definitely there's no escaping from it! To ensure you protect yourself from the distress that can be caused due to the heat, dust and harmfully fabricated colors, here's a list of things to keep in mind before stepping out for this year's Holi festivities:


1) Moisturize

It is necessary to create a protective barrier between yourself and the colors through oiling your face, body and hair with coconut oil or olive oil. It acts as a shield and ensures no harmful chemicals penetrate the body! 


2) Protective Clothing

Since we are not 'Naina' performing Balaam Pichkari on the streets, it is important for you to wear full-sleeved clothing that covers up your arms and legs, minimizing direct exposure to colors.


3) Sun-Defense 

An inevitable requirement to keep in mind is to slather yourself with high SPF sunscreen to avoid sun damage that can cause tanning and pigmentation.

The Derma Totale Coolin Sunscreen provides SPF 50+ alongside defense from harmful UV and IR rays. The 'Coolin' gives you a soothing feeling, keeping you pumped throughout the day to enjoy the festivities in high spirits!


4) Don't Forget Those Nails

Often, people forget to pay attention to the nails, leading to color depositing in the nail beds for days to avoid such circumstances, cut your nails short and apply vaseline or baby oil to shield the nails from synthetic variants found in the color.


5) A Post-Holi Pamper Session 

Once the day is over, make sure to wash your skin with a toning face wash to reduce sun damage and follow up with a hydrating moisturizer to refresh and rejuvenate after all the distress caused to the skin.

Derma Totale's 'Glutathione Toning Face Wash' brightens and cleanses the skin while providing benefits of toning. Glutathione is a holy grail ingredient for uneven and textured skin! The facewash will make sure the skin gets rid of dirt as well as balance the skin's pH level while gently exfoliating for depigmentation.


Taking care of your skin during the Holi Season is essential to maintain your health and radiance. Following the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy the festival of colors without any worry!

Remember to have fun, but also be gentle with your skin. Happy Holi!

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